Racism in American Institutions

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African American History / Studies, Asian American History / Studies, Chicana/o History / Studies, Native American History / Studies, Race Studies

I edit a book series for Praeger Publishers entitled Racism in American Institutions (RAI) and am seeking book proposals for new titles in the series. The basic aim of the RAI series is to explore institutional and structural racism from a variety of vantage points and through a multiracial or multiethnic lens. The series has published a number of high quality studies, please see https://www.abc-clio.com/ABC-CLIOCorporate/product.aspx?pc=A4253C for a great example, Professor Nancy Heitzeg’s excellent The School to Prison Pipeline. From this page you can also see other books in the RAI series catalog.

A few additional pieces of information; the RAI series is designed to be an open-ended series of one-volume works (each 70,000-90,000 words) that examine the problem of racism in established American institutions from a historical and contemporary perspective. We also hope that books in the series will examine the ways in which racism within each institution has harmed not only individuals but also the institution itself. Finally, we hope that books will focus on solutions to institutionalized racism within the particular institution, especially the ways in which communities of color have challenged institutional racism. Terms are generous and the production value of the books are very high.

A few possible topics that seem particularly relevant today are Racism in Corporate America, Racism in Academia, Racism in the Medical Profession, Racism in Religious Institutions, or Racism in the Mental Health Field. There is also room in the series for more books on: Racism in the Prison or Criminal Justice System, Racism in the Legal System, Racism in Schools, or Racism in the Entertainment Industry. We, of course, welcome other ideas for books in the series.

If you might be interested, please feel free to email me at bbehnken@iastate.edu or Praeger’s Race and Ethnicity Acquisitions Editor Kim Kennedy-White at kkennedy-white@abc-clio.com.

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