CFP Vulnerability with/in the body through spatial encounters: contemporary art practice, feminist activism and social justice

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Call for Papers
December 5, 2018
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Fine Arts

Call for Papers

Vulnerability with/in the body through spatial encounters: contemporary art practice, feminist activism and social justice

The proliferation of visual interventions and practices representing gestures and acts of dissent, resistance and resilience raises questions about a growing visual engagement with economic, social, and political circumstances, and dissatisfaction with patriarchal, sexist societies and neo-liberal, right wing and nationalist agendas. This demonstrates the current sense of crisis related to conditions of vulnerability and precarity, negotiated with/in the body through spatial encounters. It also signals transnational and intersectional modalities of vision and activism of the affective interpersonal exchange, highlighting complex and shifting relationship between art practice and politics.

This session seeks to explore contemporary artistic gestures of disobedience and dissatisfaction through varied embodiments in the context of politics of intimacy and vulnerability. It focuses on acts and interventions going beyond social practice and socially engaged art. How can artistic practice seek new models of sexual identity and engage with political discourse facilitating social change and justice? How do feminist strategies of engagement enable activism with and through the body and equal access to space? How do visual practices of transformation facilitate political resilience through visual means and embodied action?

I invite art historical and practice-led considerations addressing artistic practice through feminist discourse based on solidarity and commonality across borders, challenging unjust and/or oppressive social and political conditions and enabling transnational and intersectional politics of togetherness. Contributions are welcome, which draw upon the legacy of feminist art historical critique and visual activist practices, and engage with concepts of belonging, cosmopolitanism, transnationalism, marginalisation, vulnerability and precarity. Performative presentations are particularly encouraged.


The Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) conference at RMIT University, Melbourne, 5-8 December 2018

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