Evoke: A Historical, Theoretical, and Cultural Analysis of Africana Dance and Theatre (Journal)

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Call for Papers
October 26, 2018
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Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Film and Film History, African History / Studies, African American History / Studies


Volume 1, Issue 1 theme: “Crossing Borders.”

Hip-hop dance has become a global phenomenon. Its practice can be witnessed on the internet in Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and its birthplace, the US. Hip-hop emerged as a result of the experiences of people of African descent in America. However, the narratives that it conveys cannot be contained within the borders of America because they are familiar to people of African descent in all areas of the globe. Borders have historically been a nonfactor with regard to the proliferation, application, and practice of Africana performance arts. The theme, “Crossing Borders,” seeks to interrogate Africana arts – dance, theatre, and film – that have boundlessly enriched the lives of people in territories other than where the artform originated. What are the narratives that these artforms convey? How and why are they relevant to people so far away from the point of origin? Can new narratives be infused in Africana artforms that originated somewhere else? These are but a few of the infinite potential topics that can be explored in submissions. All articles are to be submitted on Evoke’s website. No hardcopies will be accepted. Submission deadline is October 26, 2018.

Evoke: A Historical, Theoretical, and Cultural Analysis of Africana Dance and Theatre is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed digital journal that fosters research, critical analysis, and vigorous discourse, on Africana dance, acting, and filmmaking. Evoke seeks to bring Africana performing arts into scholarly discussions thereby documenting, preserving, and providing exposure to under-researched narratives in Africana vernacular and professional performing arts. Accordingly, Evoke also provides a venue for scholars of African, African American, and African Diaspora dance, theatre, and film.

Evoke accepts submissions for its January and August issues in diverse formats including but not limited to: print, film/video, podcasts, and other digital humanities formats. Scholars from all disciplines are welcome to submit articles and digital content, providing their submissions uphold the aims and scope of the journal. Reviews of books, dance concerts, plays, and films, that are in accordance with the aims and scope of Evoke are also welcome.

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Dr. Ofosuwa M. Abiola

Howard University