"Conflict and Collaboration in the New World," the 41st Annual Conference of the New Netherland Institute

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New York, United States
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American History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies

The 41st Annual Conference of the New Netherland Institute will convene in Albany, New York at the New York State Museum on the 22nd of September 2018. This year's title is "Conflict and Collaboration in the New World," and the program will feature seven presentations by scholars of New Netherland and the Dutch Atlantic.

Schedule (subject to change)

8:00: Registration
9:00: Welcome and introductions
9:30: Jason R. Sellers, University of Mary Washington, “Colonization and the Disruption of the Hudson Valley’s Native Landscape”
10:10: Shaun Sayres, Clark University, "'A Daingerous Liberty:' Dutch-Mohawk Relations and the Colonial Gunpowder Trade"
10:50: Break
11:20: Amy Ransford, Indiana University, "Unsettled: New Netherland and the Case for Slowing Down Histories of Colonial America"
12:00: Presentation by National Archives of the Netherlands and New York State Archives on the digitization of New Netherland's records
12:20: Lunch
1:20: Danny Noorlander, SUNY Oneonta, "'He Deserves to Be Severely Punished': The Banishment and Deportation of Criminals, Political Enemies, and Religious Outsiders in New Netherland, 1638–1664"
2:00: Timo McGregor, New York University, "Fugitives and Anglo-Dutch Collaboration in 17th Century America"
2:40: Break
3:10: Artyom Anikin, University of Amsterdam, "Many Strangers Passing: Demographic Shifts in the New Orange Period"
3:50: Willem Klooster, Clark University, "The Afterlife of an Empire: The Second Dutch Atlantic, 1680-1815"
4:30: End

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