Call for Applications: Visiting Fellowships 2019, Topic Area “External Relations of and to the European Union: Rule Transfer and Projection of Norms”

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August 8, 2018 to September 16, 2018
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Law and Legal History, Political Science, Public Policy, Sociology

The Europainstitut / Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel, Switzerland, welcomes applications for two Visiting Fellowships (three months in 2019) in the field of European Law or European Global Studies, with special focus on the topic area “External relations of and to the European Union: rule transfer and projection of norms”.

The Europainstitut / Institute for European Global Studies is an interdisciplinary research institute at Switzerland’s oldest university, the University of Basel. It develops new interdisciplinary concepts and methodologies designed to critically examine European integration as well as the relations that have shaped Europe in connection with other continents. For our Visiting Fellowship Program, we welcome applications from researchers who are interested in investigating actors and agencies in global contexts and who enjoy adopting a conceptual approach beyond the nation-state.

Applications for the two fellowships should be in line with the institute’s general research perspective on Europe in its global context and engage with a project that fits the framework of “External relations of and to the European Union: rule transfer and projection of norms”. Since its existence, the European Union has forged legal relationships with non-member states. In particular vis-à-vis its neighbours, the EU has shown a tendency of trying to transfer part of its rules ion or, to put it differently, to project political, economic and institutional norms into the external relationship. This may be perceived as a challenge on the other side of the relationship, which is faced with a multilateral partner that may be more difficult to negotiate with than would be the case in a bilateral relationship.

Prospective visiting fellows will benefit from the excellent academic conditions and exchange with international colleagues. They need to have completed their PhD and have an established track record in the research field of Europe in its global contexts. In addition, they should have cultivated the ability to think beyond the boundaries of academic disciplines. A fellow’s project should provide an innovative contribution for his/her field of expertise, also in terms of methodological input. Visiting fellows should be keen to share and discuss their research. The institute for European Global Studies strongly encourages women scholars to apply. The fellowship includes funding.

Applicants can learn more about the institute at Please use the standard proposal form for your project proposal and your CV. Incoming applications without the standard form cannot be considered. Please submit all of your application documents in one email to: The deadline for application is Sunday, September 16, 2018.

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