New CCWH Award--Rachel Fuchs Memorial Award for Excellence in Mentorship and Service to Women/LGBTQ in the Profession

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October 15, 2018
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African American History / Studies, Historic Preservation, History Education, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Rachel Fuchs Memorial Award for Excellence in Mentorship and Service to Women/LGBTQ in the Profession


This annual award of $500 is given in recognition of excellence in mentorship and service to women/LGBTQ in the historical profession or related areas.


  • Nominees must be outstanding scholars, administrators, teachers or public historians and may be employed in education or related areas such as archives, libraries, historical societies, museums etc.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated mentoring skills, not only in teaching or related work, but in providing networks that enhance the professional growth of other women/LGBTQ scholars and students.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated organizational leadership in groups, organizations, or institutions that impact women/LGBTQ.
  • Nominees must be a member of the CCWH.
  • All nominations must be accompanied by two letters that document each of the above criteria. A biography or CV of the nominee should be included.
  • An individual may not self-nominate.
  • The award will be given at the CCWH Annual Awards Luncheon at the AHA in January of each year. The nominee does not need to be present to accept the award.


Application process:


  1. Two letters of nomination may come from colleagues, former grad students, colleagues and former undergrad students who have been impacted by the person's mentorship and service.
  2. Letters should indicate that the nominee has had a range of impact beyond just one person. One letter should speak to the impact of the work in the academy as well as the vastness of the nominee's service.
  3. Applications should be sent all together to the award committee at by 15 October 2018.


Contact Info: 

Sandra Trudgen Dawson, Executive Director, CCWH

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