CFP: Living Mobilities: Pathways, Directions and Policies

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November 29, 2018 to November 30, 2018
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Anthropology, Geography, Literature, Social Sciences, Sociology

We are happy to announce that *Living Mobilities: Pathways, Directions and Policies* registration is now open. This international and interdisciplinary seminar will be hosted by the University of Évora, Portugal, from 29-30 November 2018. To register, please follow the link:

The aim of the Living Mobilities 2018 Seminar is to broaden the debate on mobility in the contemporary world, looking particularly at its pathways, directions and policies. The theme is designed to address the multiple experience of contemporary mobility. On the one hand, we must think of mobility as a producer of experiences, senses and ways of life. On the other, we must analyze how mobility results from structures and constraints, actions, plans, projects and intentions.

Living Mobilities’ seminar is an opportunity to bring together researchers from diverse scientific fields, policy-makers and other professionals, as well as representatives of the civil society, artists and creators, who help to think, plan and to deepen theoretical, methodological and social intervention approaches raised by old and new challenges imposed by contemporary mobilities. The proposed topics for the organization of the sessions are as follows, but proposals on other topics are accepted.  

  • Mobilities, transports, modes and lifestyle
  • Planning mobility: paradigms and methodology
  • Infrastructures, accessibility and inequalities
  • Drawn mobilities: Sketches, Maps, GPSs and APPs
  • Technology, cybercity and mobility
  • Speed, technology and transports
  • Mobility, times and gender
  • Transports, mobility and environment
  • Mobility, times and tourism
  • Mobility and/with scale: from local to glocal
  • Circuits, times and paths
  • Mobility, inequality and power
  • Mobility, surveillance and security
  • Mobility, routines and everyday life
  • Mobility, temporality, distance and ritual
  • Virtual mobilities, networks and technology
  • Mobility, body and well-being
  • The narrated mobility, lifestyles and the other: guides, Youtubers and Insta stories
  • Fast, slow, clean, smooth and other adjectives for mobilities
  • Deconstructing mobilities: sedentary lifestyle, immobilism and fixism

We call for a rich and creative, multidisciplinary and multiform at participation, that allows us to understand the various experiences and senses of living mobilities, whether in the everyday life of ordinary people and organizations, or in social and political planning and intervention offices, whether in the context of community life or cultural production.

Deadline for submitting an abstract is September 5th 2018.

A selection of draft papers will be subject to review by the scientific committee and published in e-book format or special issue in a scientific journal (waiting for confirmation from a publisher).

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