Journal issue on queer elements in the work of South African author Lauren Beukes

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June 30, 2019
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African History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Film and Film History, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Journal issue: "Shining girls, glitterboys, and mavericks: engaged queerness in the fiction of Lauren Beukes"

With the publication of Queer Africa 2 (2017), the second Gerald Kraak anthology (2018) and She called me Woman: Nigeria’s queer women speak (2018), queer women’s writing from African contexts are coming to the fore. This, along with the rising popularity of online collectives such as, necessitates a reflection on the contemporary state of queer literature and theory produced in the Southern Africa context.

The body of work of Lauren Beukes, South African author, documentary filmmaker, and graphic novel writer, predates – and in a sense anticipates – the rising popularity of queer South African voices. Still, the (engaged) queer thread running through her various projects remains under-researched, even though her work exemplifies the way queerness has infiltrated contemporary, engaged writing/filmmaking/activism.

To address this, we are proposing a special issue of scrutiny2 that mines the queer(ly engaged) aesthetic at play in her various works across multiple genres; documentary, fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novel. The issue, entitled "Shining girls, glitterboys, and mavericks: engaged queerness in the fiction of Lauren Beukes", is scheduled for early 2020 publication. While the issue will focus on Beukes, papers dealing with related topics, such as the relation between queerness and (Southern) African speculative fiction and Afrofuturism, will also be considered.

Article proposal can be sent to Dr Bibi Burger ( and Wemar Strydom ( by 01 November 2018. Full submissions are expected by June 2019.

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