Feminism and Labour Struggles

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December 1, 2018
New York, United States
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The Journal of Labor and Society is inviting submissions of abstracts and papers.


Topic:  Feminism and Labour Struggles.


The PDF for the call is at the following website:



We are also providing the call below.  The deadline for abstracts is 1 December 2018.


Immanuel Ness (Co-Editor/New York)

Zak Cope (Co-Editor/Belfast)

Journal of Labor and Society


Call for Submissions: Special Issue  on Feminism and Labor Struggles


The editors of  Journal of Labor and Society (LANDS) invite submissions for a special issue on  Feminism and Labor Struggles.


The oppression of women is a burning issue everywhere and remains crucial to understanding social history.  Recent campaigns aimed at challenging endemic violence and structural discrimination against women in society and are gaining popularity in the world’s most affluent countries as well as in the world’s poorest countries. At the same time, historically, women are often at the forefront of movements which challenge not only gender-based oppression, but also forms of oppression based on class and nation. In this special issue, we aim to clarify the distinct problems facing women in male-dominated society and the divergent effects of patriarchy on women belonging to distinct classes and nations within the imperialist world economy, from the end of the Second World War to the present. We seek to highlight the ways in which these strands of oppression intersect and produce distinctive gender relations.


In particular, we value contributions in historical sociology that explore how access to leisure time (that is, time spent in a capitalist society not engaged in wage-labour or domestic labour), patterns of consumption, sexual norms, family relations, employment opportunities, and other issues facing women are shaped by modes of capital accumulation at the global level. The historical articulation of feminist, pseudo-feminist and anti- feminist ideologies is very much bound up with struggles either to maintain or to eradicate forms of social privilege and advantage and, therefore, with the interests of those classes and nations engaged in the same.


This special issue of Journal of Labor and Society aims to promote new ways of looking at gender oppression that advance  the cause of global equality and social justice from a feminist anti-imperialist and labor internationalist perspective.

To that end, LANDS invites research and essays examining:


- Gender and capitalism;

- Feminism and Marxism;

- Women, Imperialism and underdevelopment;

- Female labour in the global economy;

- Violence against women and its solutions;-

- Patriarchal ideology in the mass media and academia;

- Gender, Class and ‘Race’;

- Female participation in labour and revolutionary struggles;

- Feminism and Imperialist War;

- Gender (in)equality and socialist construction;

- Gender Privilege and Women in the Global North;

- International Comparison of Gender Issues;

- Sex work, class and female oppression;

- Gender and Migration


Deadline for Abstracts:

1 December 2018

All submissions are peer reviewed. If you would like to submit a manuscript for publication in Journal of Labor and Society, we invite you to do so through the Scholar One online manuscript submission portal. Send abstracts or questions directly to the editors via email:


Immanuel Ness, PhD (co-editor)



Zak Cope, PhD (co-editor)


ScholarOne submission portal:


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Thank you.


The Editors,

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