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Call for Publications
July 27, 2018
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Communication, Digital Humanities, Psychology, Public Health, Teaching and Learning

Dear Sir or Madam, we invite you to publish your work in this year’s issue of e-methodology.

E-methodology is a scientific yearbook (published in English) devoted to difficulties and possibilities of research on social sciences and humanities led online. We accept both theoretical texts devoted to this subject and articles presenting the results of research conducted in / through the Internet (understood as a research environment or as a research tool). We would ask the authors in their texts to pay special attention to the specificity of the "web methodology".

The journal contains three columns:

1) "About the Internet" – Theory (Difficulties and possibilities of using the Internet in scientific research)

2) "On the Internet" – Research (Reports on research conducted via the Internet)

3) "With the Internet"

- Projects (Reports and proposals for research / didactic projects showing the possibilities of using the Internet)

- Practice (communication via the Internet with the patient / client, problems with self-diagnosis via the Internet, use of new technologies in professional practice)

The journal cooperates with such databases of magazines as: BazHum, Index Copernicus, Central and Eastern European Online Library GmbH.

Our main idea is to look for good solutions for conducting research online. On behalf of myself and the Editorial Team, I invite you to read and publish.

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If you have any questions, please write to the secretary of the journal Dagna Budakiewicz

e-mail: emethodologyconference@gmail.com

or directly to the editor-in-chief Luba Jakubowska

e-mail: luba.jakubowska@umed.wroc.pl


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