New Podcast on the Aesthetics and Rhetoric of Money: Money on the Left

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The Modern Money Network: Humanities Division (MMN HD) is pleased to announce the launch of its official monthly podcast, Money on the Left. Co-hosted by Scott Ferguson (University of South Florida), William O. Saas (Louisiana State University), and Maxximilian Seijo (University of South Florida), Money on the Left explores the political, aesthetic, and rhetorical dimensions of modern money from a neochartalist perspective. Episodes feature interviews with modern money scholars, close readings, and topical policy commentary.

Three episodes of Money on the Left are currently available to download via Buzzsprout and other widely available media platforms. July’s episode, titled “The New Postcolonial Economics,” features a conversation with economist Fadhel Kaboub (Denison University) on the critical importance of financial sovereignty for postcolonial nations. The next episode, to be published in early-August, will feature an extended interview with legal historian Christine Desan (Harvard), author of Making Money: Coin, Currency, and the Coming of Capitalism (Oxford UP, 2015).

MMN HD is a big-tent organization for scholars, social critics, and political activists dedicated to recovering and redeeming the cultural and political aspects of modern money, past and present. In April, MMN HD hosted its first international conference at the University of South Florida. Recordings of presentations given at that conference may be viewed at MMN HD’s YouTube and Vimeo pages.

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