Poets, Professors, & Provocateurs of the Pikes Peak Region

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June 8, 2018
Colorado, United States
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Poets, Professors, & Provocateurs of the Pikes Peak Region

Scheuled for Saturday, June 8, 2019, the 16th annual Pikes Peak Regional History Symposium, "Poets, Professors, & Provocateurs of the Pikes Peak Region" will detail the stories of the people and organizations that created, developed and established the rich cultural heritage of the Pikes Peak Region. 

Subjects can include, but are not limited to, regional authors, poets, journalists, publishers and innovators in the realms of words and ideas; stories of the history of education, whether the one-room country school, outstanding secondary schools, or the regions' prestigious private schools, colleges and universities; renowned or little recognized educators and students whose ideas and talents transfrormed the region's or the worlds' ideas; those who recorded the stories of the people and places of the Pikes Peak region; musicians, conductors, recording and performing artists, and the historic structures and locations that showcased their talents. Proposal deadline: August 31, 2018

Proposals should be sent to: Erinn Barnes, Symposim Coordinator

Pikes Peak Library District  P.O. Box 1579,

Colorado Spriings, CO 80901

email: ebarnes@ppld.org



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