Call for papers: 2019 Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference: Grottoes and Temples: Revisiting and Relocating Asian Mural Paintings (March 21-24) Denver, Colorado, United States

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Call for Papers
July 14, 2018 to July 26, 2018
Colorado, United States
Subject Fields: 
Archaeology, Area Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies

Dear colleagues:


We are seeking for panelists for a panel which discusses mural paintings in grottoes and temples in a broader Asian context. Studies of mural paintings in grottoes and temples are accepted. Contributions may address but not limited to one of the following themes or topics:


- Artistic representations of mural paintings

- Architectural significance of mural paintings

- Epigraphical sources on mural paintings

- Societal milieu behind the construction of mural paintings

- Iconographical studies

- Transcultural studies

- Parallel narratives in imagery and literary traditions

- Religious practices

- Political monarchy

- Historical revaluation

- Daily lives of ordinary people


Panel Abstract:

Recent scholarship has explored at length the artistic representations on mural paintings in grottoes and temples. Nevertheless, these discussions, in general, bracketed the diversified transcultural context that contributed not only to the emergence and prevalence of these paintings but also to the possible reinterpretation of the artistic program. Furthermore, despite the fruitful results in the scholarship, many artistic representations are still left overlooked, especially in the context of a complex political and societal milieu. Following this trajectory, this panel attempts to revisit the mural paintings in grottoes and temples to explore new interpretation of or methodology for reading the visual elements, by identifying parallel narratives in imagery and literary traditions through an intertextual lens that took architectural and epigraphical components into consideration. Such an enquiry into the nature of the visuality of mural paintings is intended to bring together studies that focus on mural paintings in various regional or cultural contexts to reveal the transculturality behind the shared symbolic network(s), which should hopefully contribute to the scholarship from a comparative lens in studying the transmission of images and motifs.


All disciplinary approaches are welcome. Interested participants are encouraged to send inquiries to the panel organizers.


Please send the following documents to:

  1. Abstract (250 words)
  2. Paper title
  3. Academic Affiliation
  4. Brief Curriculum vitae (1 page)


Deadline for submission: 26 July 2018


Ma Ye (University of Cambridge)

Junfu Wong (University of London / University of Cambridge)