"Unsilencing Black Sexuality in the African Diaspora"

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Call for Publications
December 10, 2018
North Carolina, United States
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Black History / Studies, Film and Film History, Literature, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

This is a call for papers that offers analysis of Black sexuality studies in Africa and the African diaspora. Essays may address any time period or geographical region. Those that focus on any form of art by Black artists, including film, literature, song, drama/theater, and visual art are particularly welcome. Studies of historical figures are also encouraged. Some topics to consider: How have Black people’s depictions of sexuality changed over time? How have Black people used forms of art to respond to the colonial or dominant “gaze”? How have Black people reclaimed their bodies from the “gaze”? How have Black people defined or redefined sexuality? In other words, how have Black people generated or created new expressions of sexuality rather than responded to existing ones? What does pleasure or desire mean within the context of Black people’s lives and work? What is the relationship between resistance, protest, and sexuality for Black people in the diaspora?

Please send 300 word abstracts (saved as Microsoft Word document) to ttgreen@uncg.edu by December 10, 2018 and, if accepted, full essays by July 1,  2019.

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