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Call for Papers
January 15, 2018
Iowa, United States
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Communication, Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies

The Journal of Communication Inquiry (JCI) invites submissions that adopt critical-cultural approaches to the intersection of media and immigration for its October 2018 theme issue, “Mediating Global Migration.”

As globalization has encouraged the exchange of people, goods and ideas leading to porous national boundaries in the past several decades, numerous efforts across the world have sought to contain this mobility. In the United States, President Donald Trump, citing threats of terrorism and unemployment, has openly attempted to curtail immigration. The United Kingdom, too, tightened its immigration policy following its 2016 decision to exit the European Union. In Asia, India and Burma are trying to regulate migration from neighboring Bangladesh by installing hundreds of miles of razor wire along their national borders. While examples of political efforts to restrict immigration abound, this call for papers invites critical-cultural approaches to examine media’s complex role in negotiating the migration process and experience. Studies that display theoretical and methodological innovation are particularly encouraged, as are submissions that attempt to explain, clarify, or problematize associated concepts such as “migration,” “immigration,” “diaspora,” and “transnationalism” in relation to communication.


Possible topics of inquiry for the special issue include:

  • Representation of immigrants in media
  • Media coverage of migration policies
  • Immigrant media reporting on socio-cultural issues
  • Networking and communication among migrants
  • Digital diasporas
  • Media and politics of global mobility
  • Political economy of immigrant/ethnic/diasporic media
  • Online activism and hybrid identity
  • Media and cultural citizenship
  • History of immigrant/ethnic media industries
  • Audience reception of transnational media
  • Ethnic/immigrant media and politics of resistance
  • Analysis of visual narratives of migration


As an interdisciplinary journal, JCI is inviting submissions from scholars in different fields who can explore the topic in various geographical, cultural and political contexts. The deadline for submitting the manuscripts is January 15, 2018. A maximum 7,000-word paper (including references, tables, etc.) will be considered for publication, subject to double blind peer-review. Please contact Managing Editor Subin Paul ( with questions.

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