Language, Music and Knowledge Production in Africa

Call for Papers
June 30, 2018 to October 31, 2018

CFP: Language, Music and Knowledge Production in Africa

There has always been that long-lasting interconnectedness among language, music and philosophy. Language is at the heart of the creative process in all ages and civilisations. With particular reference to Africa, language manifests the myriads of cultural forms which in turn ushers the ideology and well-being of the people. Musical resources can contribute immensely to our understanding of philosophical knowledge just as different strands of philosophy may be embedded in music generally. Against the above backdrop, this proposed book interrogates forms of African music with a view to teasing out their epistemological foundations and ideology. Epistemology, a key strategic ally in the production of knowledge, is an imperative in Africa’s pre-cursor oral societies. This edited book will be a compendium that shows the interconnectivity among the issues of language, music and ideology.

Given the centrality of language to the full realisation of performance, papers may speak to the peculiarity of African musical forms such as fuji, juju, apala and dadakuada. The proposed book will explore the intersection of music and epistemology with a view to focusing on how language is used to mediate philosophical ideas in music. The volume promises to be a resource book with interdisciplinary orientation for scholars and graduate students in the humanities generally. The ultimate aim is to find a common ground to interrogate the location of indigenous epistemology in African cultural production with specific attention paid to music as a popular art form that cuts across all segments of the variety.

The following themes may be explored, even though contributors are encouraged to think outside the box:

  • Language and indigenous knowledge in Africa
  • African musical forms and aesthetics
  • Music and identity
  • Digital/online music in Africa
  • Language use in popular media/culture
  • Visual representation
  • Current debates in philosophy of language
  • Epistemological formation
  • Metaphysical issues in African music
  • Literary significance and so on


Editors: Akinmade Timothy Akande,  Gbenga Fasiku and Oluwole Coker


Guidelines for the preparation of manuscript:
1. Each author must send an abstract of about 250 words with their manuscript.

2. Authors are encouraged to write between five and seven key words that describe their research
3. Each manuscript should be between 6000 and 7500 words

4. Manuscripts must be original and must not have been or be sent to other publication outlets

5. Any form of plagiarism will lead to outright rejection of manuscripts

6. Authors must write their manuscripts in English.

7. Each chapter should have its title, name and affiliation of author(s) as well as an email

    address on a separate sheet of paper.

7. The style sheet to be adopted for referencing is either the current APA or MLA format.

8. Every manuscript submitted will be peer-reviewed


Authors whose chapters are accepted will be notified by November 30, 2018 and reports detailing corrections to be effected will be sent to them.

You may send all submissions and enquiries to, or


We have contacted a number of reputable foreign publishers and arrangements are on to get the book published by one of them. This publication is anticipated to be released in December, 2019.


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