Historicising Masculinities Conference - Newcastle University (UK) - 2-4 July 2019

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Call for Papers
November 30, 2019
United Kingdom
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Cultural History / Studies, Sexuality Studies, Social History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Historicising Masculinities

School of History, Classics, and Archaeology

2-4 July 2019

Over the past twenty-five years, or more, masculinity has become a burgeoning and productive field of historical enquiry.  Once accepted as universal and self-evident, masculinity has been thoroughly problematised.  That masculinity is not a fixed category, but is socially, cultural and historically constructed has entered the historical mainstream, although not without contestation.  Historians have examined the widely differing behaviour of men in variety of historical moments, periods, cultures and sub-cultures, which has thoroughly fragmented masculinity as a seemingly unitary category.  Since masculinity has been repeatedly created and recreated in different contexts it is more accurate to think of a series of masculinities.  Rather than thinking of manliness as an essential set of values or qualities, scholars now understand that a variety of conflicting and competing masculinities are in circulation at any given historical moment.  Masculinities have played, and continue to play, a role in shaping gender binaries between men and women, but also to sustain other power relations between men.

Despite the considerable progress in researching masculinities, the category remains a problematic one.  In particular, writing histories of masculinity that span periods and regions present complicated methodological challenges.  This conference seeks to explore potential future directions for scholarship on masculinities.  It seeks to stimulate dialogue between historians working on histories of masculinity across diverse periods and regional, national, and geographic contexts, with the aim of further interrogating masculinity as a historical concept.  It asks whether, and how, historians can write histories of masculinity which span periods?  What new perspectives are opened by examining masculinities over longer chronologies, and in contexts beyond the western world?  How have masculinities been constructed and represented in different historical junctures,  and what role have masculinities played in constructing other forms of difference? How have masculinities changed over time, and how have masculinities shaped other historical transformations?  We welcome papers exploring case studies which confront these issues, and/or which focus on methodological problems and approaches.  Proposals from graduate students and Early Career Researchers are particularly welcome. 

Conference sub-themes may include, but are not limited to:

The role of perceived masculine qualities in constituting other categories of difference.

Representations of masculinity

Crises of masculinity (both individual case-studies, and masculinity in moments of historical crisis)

Non-Hegemonic / Subaltern forms of masculinity

The relationship between masculinities and religious faith

The relationship between masculinity and political cultures

Military (militarized) masculinities

Masculinities in colonial and post-colonial contexts


Submission of Proposals

Proposals for twenty-minute papers should include: a title, an abstract of up to 300 words, contact details and institutional affiliation, and a note of any particular requirements.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 30 November 2018

Proposals should be sent to: Masculinities@newcastle.ac.uk