Nomadism Across Non-Oedipal Spatiality in Contemporary Narratives of Becoming

Call for Papers
March 21, 2019 to March 24, 2019
District Of Columbia, United States
Subject Fields: 
Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Literature, Popular Culture Studies, Sexuality Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

Migration, exile and different kinds of transitions explored in contemporary narratives draw new maps of transnational spaces to highlight a nomadic ontology of spatiality, which are problematically gendered-queer, embodied-disembodied and dialogic-plurivocal, that is to say, hybrid, interstitial, intersectional. They reminiscence rhizomic moves (sideways-lateral-simultaneous-random) of transiting bodies which grope through unknown and inhospitable zones such as deserts, seas, jungles, airports, immigration offices, urban ghettos, borderlands, embodied ‘polyglotisms’, psychiatric clinics, hotels, etcetera in order to survive, desire, fetishize, escape, die or simply sit upon. These cartographies break open weird possibilities of a new aesthetics of ‘gendered’ (non-Oedipal) nomadisms based on contingency of history, arbitrariness of language, affective desires, and unstable epistemologies thus dispensing with any geophysical security/stability of borders. They call on gestating readings which will labour through non-conformity with prescribed and patronising ways of thinking to birth new grounds of a disturbing and distinct epistemological order. The post-partum troubles, however, will continue as the nomadic wanderings continue. Reckoning with ‘gendered’ (non-Oedipal) nomadism entails ‘becoming’ oasis of empathy and compassion through transgressions, translations, translocations and transculturation. This panel invites papers on narratives that camp on the turbulent weathers of global transitory spaces to charter real or intellectual turfs of interstitial/rhizomic nomadic epistemologies as political resistance to the exclusionary practices of crony-capitalism of a violently wired world. Papers can be on the following or related themes: 

§ Trans-national spaces of exile, migration, trade

§ Trans-national spaces of trafficking and terrorism, war and conflict zones

§ migratory transit routes of birds, animals and nomads

§ Spaces of borderlands, homeland and homelessness 

§ Spaces of transit, translation and translocation. Transcultural and hybrid spaces

§ Finance-scapes, cyberspace

§ Third space and intersectional spaces

§ Urban landscapes and ghettos

§ Queer spaces


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PROF. INDRANI MUKHERJEE, JNU, India will chair a panel at NeMLA 2019.

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