Extended Deadline-CfA: "Digital Media, Islamism, and Politics in the Middle East", Basel, Switzerland

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September 28, 2018 to September 29, 2018
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Arabic History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Political History / Studies

Digital Media, Islamism, and Politics in the Middle East, Basel, Switzerland, September 28-29, 2018

Deadline: August 6, 2018

An international workshop organized by MUBIT Inter-University Doctoral Cooperation in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Basel/Zurich & Middle Eastern Studies, The Graduate School of Social Sciences (G3S), University of Basel, Switzerland

Call for Applications for the 6th Annual MUBIT Doctoral Workshop in Late- and Post-Ottoman Studies in Basel, a workshop with Assistant Professor Dr. H. Akın Ünver (Kadir Has University/Oxford University/Alan Turing Institute) 

This two-day workshop immerses students in comparative studies of Islamist politics in the Middle East and North Africa through the lens of how violent and non-violent Islamist state and non-actors, as well as their opponents, use and manipulate digital and social media to further their goals. The workshop is specifically interested in exploring themes in how the region’s religious, political and social forces interact and mobilize in digital space, including their competing organizational networks and narrative claims. 

As an increasingly more popular and politically-relevant topic in the region and beyond, we seek applicants whose work lie at the intersection of ICTs (information and communication technologies – such as Whatsapp, Signal, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other web channels) and social media platforms on the one hand, and religion, politics, culture, and mobilization on the other. Those that are interested in, and work on how online and offline mobilization, behaviour and organization interact in the Middle East are particularly encouraged to apply.  

Related questions that this workshop will explore include:

1.     The definition of "Islamism," Islamic vs. Islamist vs. jihadist hierarchies, communication strategies, and organizational networks of influence in the digital world

2.     Digital Surveillance, Censorship, Protest, Voice, and Opposition in the Middle East

3.     Organized Diversion: Fake News, Trolls Bots

4.     Online Radicalization and ICT Use of Extremist Groups

* In addition to the presentations, the workshop will offer the participants a one-to-one session with the lecturers, in order to create an opportunity to expand and explore specific questions related to the workshop and/or to the participant’s own research. Due to limited time, approx. 20 minute, one-to-one sessions will be offered on a first come basis. 

Application Procedure

PhD students who wish to attend the workshop are asked to send an email to Dr. Selen Etingu (g.etingue@unibas.ch), with a biographical abstract explaining their research interests and projects as well as their academic background (max. 400 words, in 3rd person singular, in English). The deadline for the application is August 6, 2018. Applicants will receive an answer regarding their participation on August 10.

Requirements for Successful Participation

Accepted participants will receive a list of required readings by August 10, 2018. Successful participation at the workshop is subject to the mandatory completion of the required readings in advance and active participation in the workshop discussions.    

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Dr. Selen Etingü
Universität Basel
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Maiengasse 51
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland

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