African Heritage Studies Association 49th Annual Conference

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Call for Papers
October 25, 2018
Georgia, United States
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African American History / Studies, African History / Studies, American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Political History / Studies

49  Years of African Heritage Studies Association

Atlanta, Georgia

October 25-27th 2018






“We have made a lot of progress but nothing has changed.”

Derek Bell


In 1951, an historic petition, signed and presented by many including W.E.B. DuBois, charging genocide was presented to the United Nations.  Global Africans are still prey to policies and practices that result in eradication of our culture and total annihilation of our existence.  We are witnessing the blatant selling of Africans into slavery in Northern Africa, poverty, limited access to infrastructure, health facilities and education.  Incessant wars have resulted in a third generation of Africans residing in refugee camps that have now swelled to over eighteen million.  At this juncture, neo-liberalism has become another brand of nouveau neo-colonialism that is proffering as an antidote.


In America the 13th amendment ended legal slavery and paradoxically condoned slavery for offences deemed “criminal”, which has led to mass incarceration. Equality that was extended through the 14th amendment has been rendered elusive by the often argued “reverse discrimination”; and, 15th amendment voting rights have been eviscerated by ever deepening voter ID requirements, “felon” disfranchisement, and gerrymandering.  This is Neo-slavery.


The United Nations has declared 2015-2024 the “International Decade for People of African Descent”.  They ask questions of where we were/are and where we ought to be.  In spite of our educational, communication, activist, cultural, and economic achievements, difficulties abound. It is time to deepen our thought and develop new paradigms and solutions.  AHSA was founded on the promise of moving Global Africans forward through scholarship and activism, this conference will hold fast to that mission through the interchange of ideas and commitment! 





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We encourage the submission of proposals that focus on some aspects of the following questions:


  1. Themes of the International Decade for People of African Descent
  2. Education has been our major vehicle for change, what is the current status of Africana/Black Studies/Diaspora studies and the future direction of curricular?
  3. How do we end the violence on Black bodies, Police brutality, killings and black on black violence?
  4. How do we confront social injustice through community engagement and social movements?
  5. How do we best confront globalization, militarization, resistance, and terrorism in Africa and the Diaspora? 
  6. How can social media be used to effectively mobilize the masses?
  7. What is the status of reparations and repatriation movements?  
  8. How do we incorporate spirituality and cultural revitalization, and link it to liberation today?
  9. How do we build sustainable cultural, environmental and economic partnerships for resilient communities in and throughout the African Diaspora?
  10. What can we learn from Pan-Africanism, activism, and liberation struggles in Africa and the Diaspora in the past? How they help us move forward today?
  11. Can Black social economy offer answers to overcoming our challenges? Can we bridge theory and practice? 
  12. Are we communicating across the language divide?
  13. From Waset to Wakanda: Revisiting our African Heritage in creation of a new reality.



Although this is a call for papers and proposals for panels, also accepted are workshops, films, and other creative works.  Please send 150-400 word abstracts inclusive of title, organizer, participants and their abstracts.  Be sure to include your name, address, institution or organizations, email and phone number. Submitted papers will be considered for publication in the Journal Africology.


Proposals should be submitted to Dr. Ife Williams,

AHSA Program Chair: 


Deadline: August 15th 2018






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