2019 OAH Awards and Prizes

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December 3, 2018
Pennsylvania, United States
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American History / Studies

The 2019 awards ceremony will take place at the OAH Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 4–6, 2019.

2019 John Higham Research Fellowship
Annual fellowship open to all graduate students writing doctoral dissertations for a PhD in American history. Applicants pursuing research in those fields most congenial to the research and writing interests of John Higham will receive special consideration. These topics include U.S. social and intellectual history broadly considered, with preference given to research projects on American immigration and ethnic history as well as American historiography, and the cultural history of the nineteenth-century U.S.

2019 Huggins-Quarles Award
Given annually to one or two graduate students of color to assist them with expenses related to travel to research collections for the completion of the PhD dissertation. These awards were established to promote greater diversity in the historical profession.

2019 Samuel and Marion Merrill Graduate Student Travel Grants
The Samuel and Marion Merrill Graduate Student Travel Grants, supported by a bequest from the Merrill trust, are given annually to help sponsor the travel-related costs of graduate students who are confirmed as participants on the OAH conference program and who incur expenses traveling to the annual meeting.

2019 OAH Presidents' Travel Fund for Emerging Historians
The fund provides annual travel stipends for graduate students and recent PhDs in history (no more than four years from date of degree) whose papers or panels/sessions have been accepted by the OAH Program Committee for inclusion on the annual meeting program. Preference will be given to those who are presenting at the annual meeting for the first time.

2019 Stanton-Horton Award for Excellence in National Park Service History
The annual award recognizes excellence in National Park Service historical efforts that make the NPS a leader in promoting public understanding of and engagement with American history. Please share with us exemplary projects that encourage civic dialogue in all areas of public history.  Eligible submissions include park-based interpretive work (museum exhibits, waysides, digital and print media, public programming, etc.); regionally-oriented educational and preservation programs; National Register or NHL nominations, historic resource and special resource studies which have public outreach components, and national programs and projects designed to encourage public appreciation for the complexity and richness of the American past.

2019 Mary K. Bonsteel Tachau Teacher of the Year Award
Given annually in recognition of the contributions made by precollegiate teachers to improve history education within the field of American history.

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