Call for Submission: Cafe DIssensus, Issue 44

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Call for Papers
February 13, 2018
Subject Fields: 
Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Political History / Studies

Concept Note: From processions to pamphlets, vigils and manifestoes, the articulation of dissent could take any form. This issue of Café Dissensus intends to inquire into art-based interventions and their capacity for political movement. Critical art, by being contentious, can disclose alternate and previously subverted perspectives on the world. The past decades with its chronicles of economic and political crisis has seen art intersect as a key element of protest as it playfully or polemically opens up spaces of engagement and action. Through a variety of creative forms: street performances, giant art installations, protest music, dissenting cartoons, videos and images that go viral, it generates new modes of advocacy, interrupting older beliefs and imagining more equitable alternatives to the status quo.

As a demonstration of grievances, the strong performative aspect inherent in social movements allows people to manifest their position through which movements aspire to gain critical attention and form a sense of urgency.

In this regard, how does art-led activism, facilitate a way to mobilize people, perhaps even those previously disinterested?

Articles, poems, short stories, photo essays, and interviews are invited on but not limited to the following sub themes:

Art as a mode of knowledge production: Function of art in shaping public discourse and social meaning.

Inclusionary Art: Does Art have a capacity to provide sensory proximity to the life-world of others thereby manufacturing a sense of solidarity and commonality?

Documentation of specific instances of art led activism

State and culture control: How does the State interact with cultural resistance, whether through censorship or surveillance?

Digital Art and critique of the contemporary: New Media Art and Politics

Reflection of greater socially conscious contemporary art practices as reflected in Art Fairs and Biennales.

Submissions should be of roughly 2000-2500 words. Some longer pieces would be considered, if they deserve more space. Submissions will be accepted till 28 February, 2018 and the issue will be published on 1 April, 2018. Please email your submissions to the issue editor, Chandrika Acharya: 

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