There's Still Time to Submit an Abstract for the NeMLA 2018 Conference, 12 - 15 Apr., Pittsburgh, PA; Roundtable on Adjunct Faculty

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Call for Papers
September 30, 2017
Pennsylvania, United States
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Composition & Rhetoric, Cultural History / Studies, Labor History / Studies, Literature, Teaching and Learning

"Best Practices for Supporting Adjuncts, Redux, or: Do Full-Timers Always Know Best?" (Roundtable)

In most, if not all, departments and programmes, full-time faculty set not only the policies but also standards and assessments like assignments, grading rubrics, and similar materials. This may seem a matter of common sense for many reasons: after all, full-time faculty know not only the institution (possibly also the discipline) better but are also compensated for this work.It could be argued that the above mindset serves to devalue the contributions adjunct faculty can make, also depriving programmes, departments, and institutions of these insights.

Need this be the case, however? Does adjunct faculty’s experience navigating multiple institutions, requirements, standards, and demands, not to mention work outside of academia, give them a particular brand of wisdom that others, incl. full-timers, can learn from? How can this experience be utilised for the benefit of all? How can they be more fully integrated into work like curriculum development beyond simply being invited to attend meetings and serve on committees? What larger questions of ownership, intellectual property, even initiative does this debate raise (for ex., if an assessment developed for use at one institution is then used at another, even shared as a sample for others to borrow/ adapt)?

Talks providing insight into these questions, as well as sharing effective solutions, are sought.

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