Communication and the Great War 1914-2014

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Call for Publications
January 5, 2018
New Zealand
Subject Fields: 
Military History, World History / Studies, Social History / Studies, European History / Studies, Area Studies

I am looking for contributors to a proposed edited volume which focuses on communication in and after the Great War. Despite the imposition of censorship, it was still necessary to communicate with  populations in war. Communication is broadly defined here, ranging  from the national and  regional to the local and may focus on the reasons for going to war; war aims and objectives; national and local government policy in relation to areas such as conscription, rationing or labour co-ordination, through to informal communication between loved ones. Even after the war ended the implications of the peace settlement need to be explained to the masses. Had the war been worth the sacrifice?  There is also scope in this call for work being undertaken which examines how the war has been presented to the public in musuems and other public forums since the conflict ended.

Areas of interest may include, but are not limited to:

The role of the press (national and regional)

Intellectual explanations of the war

Local and national government communication

Communication within the armed services

Transnational communication

Informal Communication (letter Writing for example)

Museums/Public forums and the presentation of the War

If scholars are interested in contributing to this volume please email an abstract of around 200 words  to the prosped editor for the project Dr John Griffiths, Senior Lecturer in History, Massey Unversity, New Zealand. by January 5 2018.


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