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Call for Papers
November 6, 2017
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Psychology, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Research and Methodology

Epistemology and psychology and society

For our next issue of CS we want to invite psychologists and general social scientists to write articles related to:

1.         Epistemology of the social sciences (particularly of psychology)

The epistemological foundation of scientific methods and theories is a matter of great importance, a discussion that is never finished and is always renewed. One of the most relevant features of scientific discourse is that it is accountable for the objectivity, validity, reliability and relevance of its claims. Contrary to authority, faith or tradition, science is obliged to perform exercises of logical demonstration and empirical verification of its findings and must give the coordinates of "reproducibility" of its experiments and observations. Science has to explain what its findings are and to account for the adequacy of its procedures.

The production of knowledge in the social sciences is an interesting meeting point between epistemes, objects and methodological strategies. It is a debate field where empirical-analytical proposals are confronted with others that come from hermeneutics and critical theory.

There are endless questions surrounding this debate: What are the relations between method and object? What epistemological foundations justify the theoretical production of the social sciences in the systemic or structural, functionalist or dialectical, phenomenological or figurative paradigms? What is the place of subjectivity in the production of objective knowledge? Is a discussion necessary that links up epistemology and ethics?

2.         Psychology and society

Social psychology deals with a set of extensive and complex problems, those that link the structures of the psyche with the society structures. Once the false individual / society dichotomy has been overcome, it remains to be understood how the symbolic processes of group life are, how the social imagination works in ideologies and social representations, what social knowledge is, and many other issues.

Here also opens an interesting spectrum of possibilities, from critical readings on the psychological discipline role in society to results of psychological research applied to social problems.

The invitation, we reiterate, is to write articles in broad perspective on these issues. We receive research articles and book reviews.

The "Revista CS Journal" of the Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales - Universidad Icesi are pleased to invite you to participate in its call for papers for its 24rd issue (January-April, 2018), dedicated to the topic: Epistemology and psychology and society

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