Revolution/Revelation in Theatre and Performance

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Call for Papers
August 1, 2018
Florida, United States
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Religious Studies and Theology, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Political Science


Revolution/Revelation in Theatre and Performance

Religion and Theatre Focus Group

Association for Theatre in Higher Education Conference

Boston, 2018


“You want a revolution? I want a revelation!

So listen to my declaration…”

                --Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton

The literal meaning of “apocalypse” is “uncovering”—that is, to reveal. As we watch the resistance revolution grow in the United States, the Religion and Theatre focus group will explore the idea of revelation as a prelude to, catalyst for, and result of revolution, whether that be of apocalyptic or more socially progressive proportions. The concept of revelation plays a part in every major religion, from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, to progressive revelation in the Bahá’í faith, to Islam’s consideration of Muhammad as the “last revelation.“ Revelation spurs revolution in extraordinary ways.

For the 2018 conference in Boston, we seek individual papers and panel ideas on the concept of revelation. How has revelation spurred change in different epochs? What is the correlation between revolution and revelation? What conditions are necessary for revolutionary revelation? How do we perform revelation? How have theatre and the performing arts played significant social roles in the proclamation of the revelationary/revolutionary?

Possible paper and panel topics might include:

  • Religion and Revolution: Relationships between politics and faith
  • Revelation as an agent of change
  • Explorations of revelation as re-imagined revolution
  • Revolution/revelation within cultural and historical contexts
  • Religious or spiritual dimensions of revolutionary theatre
  • Individual revolutionaries and hagiography
  • Revolutionary texts as sacred scripture
  • Apocalypse and social change

Submission Deadlines

Interested participants may apply in two different ways:

1. Submit an individual paper abstract to Religion and Theatre Focus Group conference planner Alicia Corts of 250-300 words by September 30th (

2. Submit a panel proposal to the ATHE conference website by November 1, and list “Religion and Theatre” as your sponsoring focus group. Please visit and click on “conference” for more information. If the proposal submission form is not yet available, keep checking back. It will be available online closer to the November 1 deadline.

Contact Info: 

Dr. Alicia Corts

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Saint Leo University