Book Project: Politics and Music in Africa

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Call for Papers
September 2, 2017 to November 15, 2017
Texas, United States
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African History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Communication, Journalism and Media Studies, Political Science

Politics and Music in Africa: A political communication perspective

Interested collaborators are invited to contribute to a book project that will examine the intersection between politics and music in the African continent. The project is tentatively titled Politics and Music in Africa: A political communication perspective.

Music continues to have a foundational impact on politics in the African continent, from colonialism (including the anti-apartheid and liberation struggle), post-colonialism to contemporary electioneering campaigns in independent African nation-states. This project is designed to articulate and examine how the use of music galvanized the pre-independence and liberation movements in the continent; how music continues to be instrumental in modern-day socio-political commentary and function as the engine of social movements across the continent; and how contestants for political office, political parties and various political groups aligned to them frame messages and manifestoes in musical notes while seeking votes and possible electoral victory.

Chapter-contributors should e-mail their abstract of 150-200 words to the editor, Dr. Uche Onyebadi at Each abstract should be prefixed or titled “Politics and Music in Africa.” Joint contributors are also welcome. This is an eclectic project that welcomes contributions from multi-disciplinary backgrounds and all theoretical/methodological persuasions.

The following guidelines/categories are important in choosing an area of chapter contribution (indicate your category in your e-mail):

  1. Decolonization and Political Independence
  2. Protests, Social Movements and Socio-Political Commentary
  3. Political Elections and Campaigns
  4. Other

Deadline for submission of abstracts which should indicate methodology and theory, is November 15, 2017. The following information should also be submitted:  (a) Title/Topic; (b) Author’s name (c) Institutional Affiliation (d) E-mail address (e) Academic Rank (f) Brief Bio (50-100 words). Decisions will be communicated by December 30, 2017. Guidelines about the full-length manuscript and other deadlines will follow. Information about the publishers of the book will also be made available.

All queries should be e-mailed to Dr. Uche Onyebadi at

Dr. Onyebadi is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Journalism Department at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas – USA. He is also the editor of Music as a Platform for Political Communication, a book published in February, 2017. 

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