Vehicle Culture Area Popular Culture Association 2018 Conference

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Call for Papers
March 28, 2018
Indiana, United States
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Cultural History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies

Humanity has always been on the move, and humans have always been attached to their means of transportation.  There is virtually no part of life that has not been shaped by the contemporary vehicles, public or private, by which people have gotten around.  Where we live and work and how and with whom we spend our leisure time would not be the same without our vehicles.  Our landscape has been reshaped and our built environment configured to accommodate them.   Poetry, literature, music, film, television, photography, and other arts have featured them.  Sometimes they have been celebrated and sometimes reviled, but we have never been indifferent to their importance.  Our vehicles have made—or are believed to have made—powerful statements about race, gender, ethnicity, wealth, politics, social class, and personality.  Vehicle culture—about planes, trains, automobiles, and whatever else has moved us—concerns how all of this has been, and is, happening.


The Popular Culture Association invites abstracts for papers and panel proposals that explore the diverse intersections between vehicles, vehicular transportation, and culture.  The PCA is committed to serious academic scholarship while also encouraging the exploration of new subjects or new approaches to more familiar ones.  The 2018 national conference March 28-31 in Indianapolis will be an exciting gathering of a diverse group of scholars and a fascinating source of interesting ideas.


Please submit abstracts of 250 words or less via the PCA Submission Site ( by October 1, 2017

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