Call for Book Manuscripts in Social Justice and Fan Studies

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Call for Publications
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Popular Culture Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Social Sciences, Government and Public Service, Race Studies

LSU Press is proud to announce the addition of new lists in fan studies and social justice. Proposals in these areas can be sent to Jenny Keegan, whose guidelines are online at the LSU Press website.

Social Justice – This new list will build on LSU Press’s prestigious publications in slavery studies and civil rights, addressing social justice issues of the twenty-first century, from #BlackLivesMatter to trans rights to mass incarceration. Books on this list will bring the lessons of the past to bear on the most pressing issues of the present: They will explore the ongoing legacies of historical oppression; the social, political, and rhetorical strategies that reproduce inequity; and the activism that endeavors to counter it.

Fan Studies – This multidisciplinary list will explore cultural, historical, and social elements of fandoms across all media types, from music to sports to literature to film and television. Books on the list will expand the lineage of fan studies beyond narratives of Trek-zines and Sherlockian societies, offer close examinations of the contrasting or overlapping practices of different fandoms, explore activism and social consciousness in fan communities, and more.

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Jenny Keegan
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