CfP - An Appraisal of the Migration Industry in Migration Governance

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Call for Papers
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Labor History / Studies, Political Science, Social Sciences

An Appraisal of the Migration Industry in Migration Governance
Global Labour Migration: Past and Present
June 20-22, 2019
International Institute for Social History
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Deadline: July 25, 2018


Transnational labour markets whether for high-skilled bankers, nurses and IT workers or low-skilled domestic workers, are not only shaped by state institutions, but more importantly by the ‘migration industry’. The migration industry plays an increasingly important role in facilitating, monitoring and controlling workers’ mobilities. They recruit, train and in certain cases mediate employer-employee relations. They serve quasi-governmental functions as they help document and process workers. The industry has also diversified, offering services such as repatriation, medical check-ups, post-deployment assistance, financing and insurance. These actors are especially crucial in bridging governance gaps - where agreements, treaties and formal regulatory mechanisms do not exist. 

This panel aims to explore the roles played by industry actors in migration governance – with emphasis on their character as for-profit entities. In what contexts do these businesses proliferate?  Why do they perform the functions they do in specific contexts? What are their relationships with state apparatuses, international institutions, employers and other civil society actors at the local and transnational levels? How do they navigate complex juridical environments? How do they shape and are shaped by these environments in the first place? Lastly, how does their market character impact migrant welfare? The panel aims to explore these questions to further problematize the constitutive role of market forces in migration governance.

Abstracts to: no later than July 25th. Please also include a 100-word bio.