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Area Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Literature

Indian Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies is a University Grants Commission, India listed, peer-reviewed, open access web-journal and it publishes four issues in a year in January, April, July, and October. It focuses on different areas of research relating to Comparative Literature and Translation Studies. IJCLTS also encourages creation of bridges among different Indian Literatures through translation of texts directly from Indian Literatures into English. Papers focused on concept and theory of Indian Literature, Comparative Literature, Translation and World Literature are highly appreciated for open issues. Submissions are accepted throughout the year. IJCLTS is interested in publishing any seminar/ workshop/ symposium/ conference report on Humanities and Social Sciences. IJCLTS is interested in publishing interviews of persons associated with literature, translation, publishing or any other field related to literary studies.
IJCLTS does not accept creative writing of any sort. Papers are selected for publication only after passing through a blind peer review process. It takes approximately two months to review the papers/ translations submitted for consideration. Contributors will receive email intimation about acceptance of the contribution. There is no contribution/publication fee.

Authors and translators are requested to follow the instructions mentioned below before sending their papers/translations / Book reviews.

  • Contributions should be original and unpublished. IJCLTS requests the contributors to keep their work free from plagiarism. In case of copyright violation and plagiarism, the responsibility falls entirely on the author/s and the publisher of IJCLTS will not be liable.
  • Authors should follow MLA style sheet (7th Edition).
  • Research Papers should be preferably between 3500-5000 words.
  • Translation from any Indian language into English is acceptable. It is the translator’s concern to have copyright permission from the author. IJCLTS will not be responsible for transferring copyright from the authors to the translators or to IJCLTS.
  • Once the research articles get published in IJCLTS, the journal will solely have right over the published matter. If the authors want to re-publish the articles, they will have to take written permission from the editors of IJCLTS.
  • Book reviews should be of 1000-2500 words.
  • Translations of any genres are accepted. In case of novels or plays, excerpts may be published.
  • The contribution will be sent as an MS Word attachment addressed to the Editor of IJCLTS to A bio note of the author(s) must also be sent in a separate document attached in the same mail. The author(s) should ensure that their name does not appear in the manuscript or creative work, or in the text in a way that will compromise the anonymity of the peer review process. Citations to an author’s/authors’ own works should be made in a way that does not compromise anonymity.
  • If any publisher or any author wants to get their books reviewed, two copies of the book should be sent to the following address:

Dr Mrinmoy Pramanick

Assistant Professor,

Department of Comparative Indian Language and Literature

University of Calcutta,

1st Floor, Asutosh Building, 87/1 College Street, Kolkata- 700073.

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