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January 23, 2019 to January 26, 2019
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Anthropology, Humanities, Languages, Linguistics, Sociology


The CALA, The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology, in Siem Reap Cambodia, January 23-26, 2019, announces its Second and Final Call.

The call closes on June 15th, 2018, but may remain open for a week after this date, due to calls for extensions. Until now, the call has received over 400 submissions.

Aligning with extensive requests for an Asian specific focus on Linguistic Anthropology, and related fields, The CALA will bring together

  • Linguists
  • Anthropologists
  • Linguistic and Cultural Anthropologists
  • Culturologists
  • Sociologists
  • Political Scientists
  • Those in the Arts
  • other related fields

pertinent to Asia.

The CALA, housing a large body of globally prominent academics in its Scientific Committee, is proud to inform that the American Anthropological Association endorses the CALA as its affiliate, as does its Official Publishing partner, Taylor and Francis Global, and as do academic institutions globally.

The Website is at, and at

The first of several videos, by the Vice Chair, Dr. Susan Hagadorn, is at

The second of several videos, by the Chair, Dr. Sam-Ang Sam, is at

For additional videos, please visit our channel at:

We advise that several Special Journal issues are planned, as well as a collection of Monographs, from papers submitted to the CALA, and that meet the requirements of submission, review and acceptance. The papers selected will all be published with Top-Tier Ranking journals, and their Publishers. Here, ample assistance will be provided so to revise these manuscripts for publication.

Keynote speakers include

  • Professor Peter Austin (SOAS University College London)
  • Associate Professor Mie Hiramoto (National University of Singapore)
  • Other prominent experts in Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Sociolinguistics

We thus invite you to the CALA 2019, the annual academic conference that, together with your assistance, seeks to redefine aspects of Asian Language and Society.

Contact Info: 

Professor Dr. Susan Hagadorn -
Coordinating Committee
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Letters, and Humanities, Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia

Contact Email: