Let’s Talk About Ageing - International Conference on Ageing

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July 31, 2018
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Demographic History / Studies, Health and Health Care, Social Sciences, Social Work

In two days of multidisciplinary programming, we’ll cross perspectives from several fields. From Geriatrics to Sociology, Law, Psychology, Sports, Nutritions, Religions, among many others, believing that the articulation of their contributes and experiences may enhance the knowledge about a cross and timeless interest.

Based on some relevant and current discussion topics, Let’s Talk About Ageing is Multidisciplinary Scientific Congress and also an informal meeting to cross scientific and professional knowledge with daily experiences, and will certainly be an enriching moment for researchers, professionals and everyone interested in this area.  

If you have any work related, come and share it!

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Daniela Pineu Oliveira - Congress Manager Ageing 2018

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