2017 Indiana University Paul Lucas Graduate Conference

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Call for Papers
August 18, 2017
Indiana, United States

The 2017 Paul Lucas Conference in History at Indiana University, Bloomington –

“Questioning Scale: Re-Thinking Historical Units”

Scholars continue to think beyond traditional historical units such as the nation. The aim of the conference is to investigate the choices we make in our scholarship about geographic and temporal scope. Space is often seen as either local or global. We see the concept as incorporating units beyond this binary. What possibilities do different historical scales open up, or foreclose? What assumptions are embedded within certain scalar terms? Put simply, how do we think beyond the construct of the nation-state, established area studies and periodizations, and the boundedness of continents?  How do we collaborate with other scholars, engage the public, and train graduate students to be critical of scale? How do we create larger histories that are still grounded in rich, dense, local detail?

The Indiana University History Graduate Student Association hosts an annual conference for graduate students from the university and beyond to come together and present their research. Our 2017 conference will take place on October 20 and 21.

We invite abstracts addressing these questions and any others which propose new terminology or ways of thinking about scale. We solicit papers which include, but are not limited to, the following: praxis and the politics of scale; theoretical approaches such as World Systems Theory; movement of bodies, ideas, and material things; environmental and ecological histories; limits of the global; connected, entangled approaches; moments of disjuncture; lateral connections; oceanic spaces; periodization debates; global lives; interdisciplinarity; empire; capitalism; globalization; modernity. Topics which approach innovative questions of scale through the lens of gender and race are encouraged.

We welcome submissions from all disciplines, geographic specializations, and time periods which address our conference theme. This theme is purposely broad, allowing participants to frame topics around their interests, while they self-reflexively examine their methodological decisions.

Please send (as PDF attachments) titles, abstracts no longer than 400 words, and CVs to hgsaconf@indiana.edu by August 18, 2017.

The HGSA Conference Committee will evaluate proposals and inform participants of their acceptance and panel assignment by August 28, 2017. Final papers must be submitted by October 9, 2017. For questions or additional information, email hgsaconf@indiana.edu.

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