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Psychology, Childhood and Education, Communication, Humanities, Social Sciences

I am interested in publishing a book about research-based parenting practices. The book would attempt to "translate" academic jargon that is used in published work, so that a general, non-academic audience can benefit from research findings.

The format of any article (1000-3000 words) or chapter (5000-10000 words) would be:

I. Introduction to the "problem" - introduce the reader to an issue for parents - an obstacle, goal or strategy. This should be in the format of a story or vignette.

II. A review of 2-3 academic articles that discuss research findings about the issue

III. A section that applies these findings to everyday parenting. If the findings you have discussed are true, how might they inform parenting decisions for 2017?

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John D Rich, Jr., Ph.D.

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