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British History / Studies

Open Access publication July 2017 - reference work

The British and Irish Ruling Class 1660-1945, editor, Ellis Wasson

The book contains information about 2,352 families (close to 3,000 counting cadet lines) with one member who sat in either House of the English, British, or United Kingdom Parliament, the Irish Parliament, or the Scottish Parliament between 1660 and 1945 and was represented in one of these Parliaments by at least three members at any time between the Middle Ages and 2015. Nearly 20,000 individuals are included in the main listings. 

Information is provided about social origins, ownership of country houses, wealth, honors, offices held, and links with associated families. The list provides a comprehensive reference source for the governing class of Great Britain and Ireland from Oliver Cromwell to Winston Churchill, and offers a deep pool of data to support analysis of social, political, economic, and cultural history in the British Isles over the course of more than four centuries.


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Ellis A. Wasson, editor

Department of History, University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716

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