Rutgers University Press announces a new book series: Critical Issues in American Education

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Social Sciences, Sociology

Critical Issues in American Education

Rutgers University Press

New Book Series

Series Editor:  Lisa Michele Nunn, University of San Diego


The landscape of education in the United States is continually shifting. Rutgers University Press's new book series, Critical Issues in American Education, provides a platform for showcasing the best scholarship that analyzes the historical and current forces shaping American educational institutions.


Taking advantage of sociology’s position as a leader in the social scientific study of education, this series will be home to the next generation of scholarship. Series editor Lisa Michele Nunn of the University of San Diego and the past-president of the Sociology of Education Association, works with Rutgers Press to identify authors and develop works that pull together empirical and applied bodies of work with social analysis, cultural critique and historical perspectives. The series will also host select books that work across disciplinary lines and the usual methodological boundaries, bringing topical and theoretical breadth. Anchored in sociological analysis, the series will feature carefully crafted empirical work that takes up the most pressing educational issues of our time, including federal education policy, gender and racial disparities in student achievement, access to higher education, labor market outcomes, teacher quality, decision making within institutions, and beyond.


About the Editor

Lisa Michele Nunn is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of San Diego. She is the author of Defining Student Success: The Role of School and Culture (2014, Rutgers University Press) and multiple journal articles on education, identity, and pedagogy, published in journals including Urban Education, The Journal of Homosexuality; Journal of LGBTQ Youth, and Insight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching. She is co-editor of Education and Society, a textbook in the field of sociology of education (under advance contract with University of California Press). The textbook is associated with the Sociology of Education Association, a national scholarly organization for which she is the outgoing President.


Authors interested in contributing to this book series should send an extended abstract of no more than 2 pages to Lisa Nunn at  and Peter Mickulas at  for consideration.

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Peter Mickulas, PhD | Senior Editor |  Rutgers University Press | 106 Somerset Street | New Brunswick, NJ | 848.445.7752