CFP: AAS 2018 - Panel on Chinese agriculture and market oriented policies

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Call for Papers
July 30, 2017
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Asian American History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Contemporary History, Economic History / Studies, Political History / Studies

We are looking for professors at any rank who would be interested in organizing a panel with us on the following topics or correlated:

- The current role China performs in the international food regime and how it relates to the reconfiguration of Chinese agriculture. 

- Chinese investments in the Brazilian soybean complex, as well as investments across the industry supply chain.

- The consequences of the above mentioned changes to the agrarian structure of north-east China.

- The market oriented policies implemented in Chinese agriculture in 1960 and 1961, in order rectify the economic national planning and reestablish the circulation of currency and consumer goods, and how workers and peasents students at the beggining of the 1970s reassessed the sanzi yibao and the sida ziyou policies in agriculture.

- Peasents and workers studygroups during the Cultural Revolution and their analyzes on Chinese political economy.

Some of the other topics we would consider to include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Changes in agriculture and industrial production balance in the last decades and its politics and social unfolding.

- Chinese market oriented policies through history and political economy theoretical studies.

- Family agriculture, agribusiness and income distribution in contemporary China.




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Andrea Piazzaroli Longobardi, PhD student in Economic History, São Paulo University and Bologna University

Tomaz Mefano, PhD student in Chinese Studies, SOAS University

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