Asia in the Russian Imagination

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Call for Papers
October 15, 2017
Utah, United States
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Asian History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Geography, Russian or Soviet History / Studies

The University of Utah’s Asia Center is hosting an interdisciplinary conference on Siberia, Central Asia, and the Russian Far East and North Pacific, organized around the theme of “Asia in the Russian Imagination.” The conference will be held at the University of Utah’s campus in Salt Lake City on March 23-24, 2018.

We welcome proposals exploring political, economic, and socio-cultural interactions from a variety of fields and perspectives.  We foresee extended discussions on Russian-Asian connections and networks, as well as policies, processes, and populations in “Russian Asia,” within the imperial, Soviet, or post-Soviet eras.  We hope that this conference honors the interdisciplinary tradition established by the British Universities Siberian Studies Seminar, last held in 2007.

Following the conference, the organizers intend to publish a selection of the essays either as a special issue of a journal or as an edited volume. 

The Asia Center, a Title VI National Resource Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, serves as a hub for Asia-related activities at the University of Utah involving teaching, research, and outreach to K-12 schools and the broader community. The center supports Asian Studies in its broadest sense, incorporating the languages and countries of the core regions of East, South, Southeast, and Central Asia as well as Russia, the Pacific, and West Asia.  Over the past three years, the Asia Center’s “Siberian Initiative” has sponsored talks on anthropology, environmental studies, history, film studies, and linguistics, and we hope to continue this interdisciplinary approach to Russia in Asia/Asia in Russia at our conference.

Please submit proposals for individual papers no later than 15 October 2017 to the Events Coordinator of Utah’s International Studies program, Rocío Torres Please include a subject line of “Asia-Russia 2018” to make sure you receive full consideration. Submissions should include a 250-word abstract as well as a brief (1-2 page) C.V.  The organizers will make their decisions by early December.

Advisory committee:

Jane Frances Hacking, University of Utah; Eric R. Laursen, University of Utah; Robert Thomas Argenbright, University of Utah; Marisa Karyl Franz, University of Toronto; Jessica Graybill, Colgate University; Lenore Grenoble, University of Chicago; Jeffrey F. Hardy, Brigham Young University; John Ziker, Boise State University

Contact Info: 

Matthew P. Romaniello, Tanner Humanities Center Visiting Fellow, University of Utah

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