Call for papers " Transnational Agents: Interwar intellectuals of the Right across Atlantic"- 56th ICA confenrence - Salamanca 2018

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Call for Papers
July 15, 2017 to October 20, 2017
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Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, European History / Studies, Intellectual History, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies

08/37. Transnational Agents. Interwar intellectuals of the Right across Atlantic (Send presentation to this symposium)

Starting from the end of WWI, a growing sense of shared goals, commonality of vision, and sense of history-making mission led intellectuals to draw on each other for inspiration, to create networks and elaborate political project that frequently crossed national borders. The aim of the panel is to discuss some new methodological perspectives on intellectual networks. Intellectual figures were central to this transnational processes of ideological diffusion and cross-fertilisation, whether by formulating ideas, popularising them across borders or translating and re-contextualising them for different national contexts and audiences, not just in Europe, but in a broader context of exchanges between the Old Continent and America. Assuming that, this panel aims to increase this new approach on the role of intellectuals focusing of the interwar period who perceived themselves as transnational agents, between South Europe and Latin America. Countries that could be considered a unique macro-area that shared the same universalistic values, namely languages, cultures and religion. The panel aims to deal not only with well known intellectuals, but also with minor or marginal figures, as Mid-level civil servants and propagandists, engaged journalists, writers and artists. Furthemore, the panel will highlight how these intellectuals formed or joined active transnational networks of diffusion of radical ideas and political projects, how they interacted and intersected with each other; how was their role in in self-representation, propaganda, National myths and visions of a “New brotherhood”; and how they fed a fascinating intellectual momentum within the broader political camp in Southern Europe and Latin America.

Valeria Galimi – University of Milan, Italy

Annarita Gori – Institute of Social Sciences University of Lisbon

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