Deconstructing Insularity. The Pacific as a Sea of Islands (Tokyo 8.7.2017)

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July 8, 2017
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Anthropology, Area Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Literature

Workshop at Rikkyo University (Tokyo) on July 8, 2017 (2 pm - 7:30 pm),
room 1103 (main building)

An intensifying transpacific interconnectedness (Matsuda) confirms a
perception of the Pacific Ocean as a “Sea of Islands” (Hau‘ofa). Against
this background, participants of this workshop will critically analyse
the discursive construction of insularity in the Pacific. The presenters
will investigate imaginations of islands as deserted spaces (Deleuze),
isolated heterotopias and heterochronies (Foucault).


Opening remarks (Thomas Schwarz) and round of introductions

Session I: Imagining the Island of Venus
Moderator: Thomas Pekar (Gakushuin University)
- Arne Klawitter (Waseda University):
Lyrical Representations of Otaheiti in 18th Century German Poetry
- Roman Lach (Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea):
Arrival – a Topos in Travel-Writing on Tahiti

Session II: Japan’s Pacific Insularity
Moderator: Junko Takamiya (Nihon University)
- Etsuko Miyata (Rikkyo University):
Closure of an Island: Japan’s Political and Psychological Strategy
Towards the West
- Christopher Schelletter (Keio University):
The Island Awaji as a Heterotopic Space. Jun’ichirô Tanizaki’s Novel
"Some Prefer Nettles"
- Mario Kumekawa (Keio University):
Japan’s Place in the Pacific Ocean. A Discussion of Tadao Umesao and
Heita Kawakatsu

Session III: Desert Islands
Moderator: Andreas Becker (Keio University)
- Stephen Clark (University of Tokyo):
“Le coeur fou Robinsonne à travers les romans”. Crusoe’s Further
"Further Adventures" in the French Robinsonade
- Michael D. H. Yates (Rikkyo University):
Deleuze-ing the Plot, or the Desert Islands of Irony, Insularity, and
Instantiation in Robert Coover’s “The Magic Poker“
- Thomas Schwarz (Rikkyo University):
“Give me an atlas over a guidebook any day. There is no more poetic book
in the world”. Imaginary Cartography of the Pacific in Judith
Schalansky’s "Atlas of Remote Islands"

- Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
- German Academic Exchange Service / Deutscher Akademischer
Austauschdienst (DAAD)

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