Migrant Literature from the Arabian Gulf (Khaleej)

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Call for Papers
June 11, 2018
Alabama, United States
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Human Rights, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Literature, Political Science, Sociology

SAMLA 2018 Conference

Nov. 2-4, Sheraton Birmingham, Alabama

Contemporary migrant literature/s from the Arabian Gulf implore us to examine and reinterpret the ethico-political practices of a land that is paradoxically inhabited primarily by people from elsewhere. Non-citizens are a significant part of Gulf's population. Benyamin's Goat Days, Deepak Unnikrishnan's Temporary People, Mia Alvar's In the Country, Saud AlSanousi's The Bamboo Stalk are some of the texts that make visible the particular anxieties of modern Arabian Gulf migratory politics through fiction. Similarly, Neha Vora's Impossible Citizens, Andrew Gardner's City of Strangers, and Prema Kurien's Kaleidoscopic Ethnicity are also examples of work that provide sociological and ethnographic perspectives on modern day Gulf migration. This panel welcomes papers that explore various (for e.g.. ethical, historical, socio-political, cultural, literary, etc.) dimensions of migration to the Arabian Gulf. Generally referred as the Khaleej, these countries include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Potential topics include (but not limited to):

  • human rights in the Gulf
  • politics of migration and citizenship in the Gulf
  • notions of home, hyphenation, and hybridity in Gulf emigration
  • complexities apropos first/second/third generation Gulf diaspora (pravasi)
  • 'Global' universities in the Gulf
  • Kafala system and Nitaqat law
  • 'structural violence' related to Gulf migration
  • representations of Gulf diaspora in literature and migrant Gulf literature as activism

By June 11, please submit a 300 word abstract, a brief bio, and A/V needs to pmenon@troy.edu.

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Priya Menon, Associate Professor, English Department, Troy University, Troy AL

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