Conference: Education, Design and Practice – Understanding skills in a Complex World

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Call for Papers
June 17, 2019 to June 19, 2019
New York, United States
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Childhood and Education, Educational Technology, History Education, Research and Methodology, Teaching and Learning

Education, Design and Practice - Understanding skills in a Complex World 
June 17th - 19th, 2019. Stevens Institute of Technology, New York / New Jersey.

Abstracts: Dec. 1st 2018 (Round 1). April. 1st (Round 2)

Round 1 allows for early review. This is open to all, but is particularly useful for international delegates requiring a visa. Abstracts, Round 2 will be due: April 1st, 2019.

This event is organized by Stevens Institute of Technology with the research organization AMPS.

The conference publications form part of an international publishing network PARADE involving Routledge, Taylor&Francis, Intellect Books, UCL Press, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Vernon Press and Libri Publishing.

The relationship between education and practice in any discipline is complex. In an ever changing world, it is also in flux. Today, educators in the liberal arts still identify learning as an end unto itself, and designers still draw on ideas about intuitive knowledge. By contrast, business calls for graduates armed with the skills required in industry from day one. At the same time they value creative thinking and continual adaptation.


These alternative perspectives have been reflected in multiple changes to the practice and structure of the education. The ‘widening participation’ agenda has produced an explosion of research and funding for new pedagogical approaches; attempts to fuse partnerships between education and industry have proliferated; and the number and range of degrees now available has been described as a ‘degree arms race’.


Working within this context, educators attempt to adapt to these conflicting approaches, needs and objectives. However, research into best practice learning and teaching in the classroom can sometimes be seen as contradicting on-the-job realities in practice. The Education, Design and Practice conference critiques this complex and contradictory scenario from multiple perspectives.

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