Multi-ethnic Cities in the Mediterranean World. History, Culture, Heritage

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June 4, 2018 to June 5, 2018
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Historic Preservation, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Urban History / Studies


Genoa, 4-5 June 2018

In the Mediterranean world the encounter/clash of people and civilizations has always been particularly rich, varied, intense, going often so far as to deeply mould the shape of cities, both along the coasts of the Mediterranean and in the hinterland of countries overlooking it, for which the sea was an undisputable horizon of reference. Urban developments and settlement patterns bear witness to those processes (ports, fairs, fondachi, ghetti), as well as linguistic uses and eating habits, social and juridical customs; as do many of the most typical expressions of European art and culture, as a result of an ancient − albeit not always peaceful – familiar coexistence with foreigners.



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Marco Folin, University of Genoa