PIASt Fellowship Programme 2017-2018

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June 19, 2017
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Humanities, Social Sciences

The Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIASt) is an independent centre of research located in Warsaw. It offers a base for an international community of high-level scholars willing to devote themselves entirely to their research work, while being freed from their usual teaching and administration constraints.

The PIASt Fellowship Programme offers 5- or 10-month residencies in Warsaw. The fellowships are offered mainly to scholars active in the fields of the humanities and social sciences but projects which interface these disciplines with life and exact sciences are also welcome.
The programme supports outstanding researchers from all regions of the world who want to pursue self-directed work in fine research conditions. They will form a small but stimulating community which will benefit from its multi-disciplinary composition that enables free exchange of ideas and opinions in a spirit of cross-disciplinary dialogue.

The programme welcomes applications from researchers who match high scientific standards. They may be both, leading senior researchers and promising younger scholars who are offered an opportunity to devote themselves full time to their research at the early stage of their careers. They all have to submit solid research proposal followed by evidence of their former achievements at the international stage demonstrated by quality publications. The Institute also welcomes applicants’ ability to build ties and collaborate with research institutions and individual researchers in Poland.

The PIASt selects applicants with regard to how interesting and innovative their research projects are, and what is the quality of their scientific experience. We are open to a variety of research methods, including theory, analyses of original sources, and analyses of large secondary data sets. We seek candidates with a strong research background in their own discipline, but willing and able to develop research projects drawing on PIASt’s interdisciplinary resources and ready to take part in PIASt internal and external activities – seminars, workshops, etc.
Successful fellows are provided with furnished office space, flats and host contracts for five or ten months. The provision of a living allowance (in the range of up to € 2000/month for a junior fellow and up to € 3000/month for a senior fellow – depending on individual situation), accommodation, and coverage of travel expenses (one round trip) will be provided. Applications should be submitted by June 19th 2017. The fellowships will begin in October 2017.

To apply please submit a detailed research proposal  - up to 10,000 signs (spaces included), a CV (full contact details, academic and professional experiences) – up to 5 pages, copy of the PhD diploma in pdf format (if the writing system used in the diploma is not Latin, a Latin script university certificate or official translation must be attached as well), a list of publications - up to 3 pages, three publications in pdf format (in case of texts published in a language other than English, an English-written summary is required) and two letters of recommendation (obligatory for candidates applying for junior/postdoc fellowships but optional for senior/professor applicants).

For more information about PIASt, visit: www.piast.pan.pl

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Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIASt), Długa 26, 00-238 Warsaw, Poland

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