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Anthropology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sociology, Urban History / Studies

Urbanities – Journal of Urban Ethnography - Vol 7  No1, May 2017

is now available online at: https://www.anthrojournal-urbanities.com/journal-issues/all-volumes-and-issues/



The Housing Crisis and Homelessness: A San Francisco Ethnography (Niccolò Caldararo)

The Visual Impact of Islam: A Special Focus on Turkish Migration to the United Sates and Europe (Jerome Krase and Timothy Shortell)

The Zone à Defendre of Notre-Dame-des-Landes in France: An Ambivalent Space for Social Critique (Sonja Schüler)

The First Ever Lebanese Non-Religious Marriage: An Ethnography from a Beirut Secular Setting (Benedetta Panchetti)

Special Section: On the Anthropology of Corruption

Editorial Note — On the Anthropology of Corruption

Who is Corrupt? Anthropological Reflections on the Moral, the Criminal and the Borderline (Italo Pardo)

Corruption between Public and Private Moralities: The Albanian Case in a Comparative Perspective (Giuliana B. Prato)

Review Article

Uncanny and Dystopian City: An Analysis of Siva (Deepthi Krishna)

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