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Chinese History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Native American History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Women's & Gender History / Studies

FINAL CALL FOR AUTHORS - WOMEN IN WORLD RELIGIONS - All articles due Sept.1, 2017. Articles should be factual overviews between 500 and 2000 words.

Seeking author-scholars for the following topics (related topics can be proposed):

Women and the Feminine in ---

African Religions: Arts, Magic, Marriage, Priestesses, Religious Performers and Performances, Witchcraft

Baha’i: Education, Sex and Gender, Heroines, Home Life, Ideal woman

Buddhism: Buddhism on the Internet, Feminine Virtues, Household Shrines, Lay Movements, Mahayana, Patronage, Women in Modern and Contemporary Buddhist Societies, Women's Buddhist Networks

Christianity: Mary Magdalene, Christianity in Latin America, Modern and Contemporary Artists and Performers

Confucianism: Ancestors and Spirits, Chun Tzu, Confucian Revivalism, Daily Life of Women in Confucian Societies, Education, Filial Piety, Home Shrines, Kinship and Marriage, Neo Confucianism in China and Japan, Shamans and Seers, Stage of Life Ceremonies, Women's Space

Daoism: Celestial Goddesses, Convents, Founders, Healers , Lay Women, Nuns and Ordination, Priestesses and Libationers, Shamanism, The Tao, Wu Wei

Islam: Ideal Woman, Life Cycle Ceremonies          

Jainism: Marriage, Education

Judaism: Judaism in Europe, Oral Tradition, Peacemaking, Sephardic and Mizrachi Judaisms, Shabbat, Synagogue, Torah, Women in Modern and Contemporary Judaism            

Native American Traditions: Chiefs and Elders, Dance/Performance, Education, Food Gathering and Agriculture, Medicine Women, Storytelling, Women's Rituals

Paganism: Seasonal Celebrations, Eco Funerals

Sikihism: Community Life, Feminine Divine, Education, Sex and Gender

Contemporary Spirituality: Art, Movement, Online Spirituality, Syncretism

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