Why Public Art? Practices, Strategies, and Rivalry in Post-Digital Societies

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Call for Papers
May 25, 2017
Alberta, Canada
Subject Fields: 
Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Why Public Art? Practices, Strategies, and Rivalry in Post-Digital Societies 
Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebration in 2017 has involved an unprecedented number and variety of public art patrons, who have commissioned high caliber, expensive projects relying on a vast range of expertise, techniques, and mediums. This public art “hysteria” appears to be a worldwide phenomenon. In Out of Time, Out of Place: Public Art Now (2015), Claire Doherty argues that, in commissioners’ eyes, the work of public art might act as a symbol of a city’s progressive, contemporary credentials to rival other megalopolis. Indeed, never before has public art attracted the attention of political and economical elites as it does today in major post-digital societies. This session invites artists and scholars to reflect upon why, and under which forms and approaches, is public art at the centre of most post-digital cities’ urban planning and development. Within this session, “public art” is understood as publicly situated art, whether temporary or permanent. 
Session Chairs:
Analays Alvarez Hernandez 
Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of the History of Art
University of Toronto
Marie-Josée Therrien
Associate Professor
OCAD University
How to Submit a Proposal:
Proposals for 20-minute papers shall not exceed 300 words and are to be submitted to the session conveners for consideration (please see below under “Conference Regulations” for further guidelines). 
Submissions are welcome for papers to be given in either French or English. 
Conference Regulations
1.         Applicants may only submit one proposal.
2.         Proposals should be sent directly to the session chair(s).
3.         Submissions must include: the name and email address of the applicant; the applicant’s institutional affiliation and rank; the paper title; an abstract (300 words maximum); and a brief bio (150 words maximum). Submissions must be provided as an editable document, preferably in MS word. 
4.         Proposals may be submitted by current members or non-members of UAAC. Non-members MUST become members of UAAC and pay registration fees in order to present a paper at the conference. Membership dues and registration fees must be received by September 15, 2017. 
5.         The conference is open to post-secondary faculty in all fields of the visual arts (art history, fine arts, visual culture, material culture, museum studies, art conservation, etc.), visual artists, curators, practitioner/researchers, as well as independent scholars in such fields.
6.         Student members of UAAC who are pursuing a terminal degree (examples: a PhD in art history or related disciplines, an MFA, a Masters of Design) may submit proposals. MA students are not permitted to give papers at the conference.
Contact Info: 

Analays Alvarez Hernandez, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of the History of Art
University of Toronto
Marie-Josée Therrien, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of Liberal Studies
OCAD University