Conference: Machinery of Violence - Resource, Mobilization, and Scale.

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May 18, 2018
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Anthropology, Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences, Political Science

The Collaborative Research Center of the Goethe Frankfurt University would like to cordially invite you to the international conference “MACHINERY OF VIOLENCE – Resource, Mobilization, and Scale” at Goethe Frankfurt University, Germany, on May 18th- 19th, 2018.

As we see the expanding violence, both symbolic and physical across the globe, it is urgent to understand how violence could endure within structures, practices, cultures, and various forms of mobilizations. This conference have gathered excellent experts with profound researches to examin different cases and scales of how violence operates, not simply as an outcome of tension, but, as mechanism through which actors and organizations stabilize their struggles. Such perspective to view violence as a resource, which eventually makes peace building or democratic projects volatile, could be invigorated through inquiries on how violence creates new opportunity in institutionalizing movements and networks—and vice versa, the institutionalization of violence and its discourse transferability across spatial and temporal boundaries, the weakness of civil society, the ambiguous role of state, and the precarious transformation of democracy. We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!

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Angela Vardopoulos