On The Margins of European Philosophy [21st May, London School of Economics] - Robert Bernasconi, Giuseppe Bianco, Lucie Mercier, Simon Glendinning

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May 21, 2018
United Kingdom
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European History / Studies, Geography, Humanities, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Philosophy

On The Margins of European Philosophy
Robert Bernasconi, Giuseppe Bianco, Lucie Mercier, Simon Glendinning


May 21, 2018 // 11am - London School of Economics: "The Thai Theatre” - New Academic Building (Lincolns Inn Fields)


What is the relationship between philosophy and the border? And then: What are the limits of philosophy? Who decides on the inclusion/exclusion of specific discourses and knowledges into the canon of this academic discipline? How does philosophy continously (re-)traces and polices its own margins? What is the status of those questions, knowledges and methods who are marginalized and delivered outside the pure land of philosophical criticism?

These are some of the questions that will animate the PTC roundtable "On the Margins of Philosophy", which will take place starting from 11am on the 21st of May, 2018 at the London School of Economics (New Academic Building Lincolns Inn Fields, The Thai Theatre).




Robert Bernasconi is Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies at Penn State University. He is the editor of the journal Critical Philosophy of Race and the author of How to Read SartreHeidegger in Question and The Question of Language in Heidegger's History of Being. Moreover, he has edited several anthologies on race and a collection of essays on the philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas. [Title of the intervention: How Marginal is European Philosophy's Racism?].

Giuseppe Bianco is a researcher at the Universidade de Sao Paulo and at the EHESS. He is the author of Après Bergson. Portrait de groupe avec philosophe. He has also edited La signification du concret. Philosophie et psychologie chez Georges Politzer and The Care of Life (with M. De Beistegui and M. Gracieuse). [Title of the intervention: “From the free thinker to the salaried philosopher. Creating ‘philosophy’ and defending its borders during the long 19th Century”].

Lucie Mercier is Early Career Researcher in Philosophy at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University. Her doctoral dissertation, titled 'The Inside Passage: Translation as Method and Relation in Serres and Benjamin' focused on the concept and philosophy of translation. Currently, she is working on a new research project investigating the 'crisis of reference' in 1960s French structuralism and at the conflictual threshold between philosophy, race and decolonisation.



Simon Glendinning is Professor of European Philosophy at the London School of Economics and director of the Forum for European Philosophy. He published widely on continental philosophy and its margins. He is the author of In the Name of Phenomenology (2007) and Author, The Idea of Continental Philosophy (2006). 


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